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Kuhn Rikon 4-Piece Pressure Cooker Duo Set

  • DUO

Splendid examples of why modern, safe pressure cookers are popular with contemporary cooks, the 5-1/4-quart pressure cooker and 2-1/8-quart pressure frying pan in this set quickly and healthfully cook foods with trapped steam at temperatures higher than boiling. Two lids, which fit both pans, are included--the pressure lid and a glass lid--so one pan can be used to cook under pressure while the other is used conventionally. Made of heavyweight, mirror-finish, 18/10 stainless steel, each pan has two handles and an aluminum disk sandwiched in stainless steel in its bottom to quickly and uniformly conduct heat.

Using a pressure cooker saves time and 70 percent of the energy normally consumed while cooking. Pressure-cooking requires little water so nutrients, flavor, and color are not boiled away. Vegetables emerge vibrantly colored. Stews, soups, beans, even meat loaf and pork chops and desserts like bread pudding come out tasty and nutritious. (A detailed instruction booklet containing dozens of recipes is included.) Meats can be browned before the pressure lid is locked on. The pressure lid's valve stem shows high and low pressure so heat can be adjusted for different foods. After cooking, pressure can be reduced slowly (by just letting the cooker sit a while), normally (by pressing the pressure indicator), or quickly (by running tepid water on the lid's rim).

Safety measures abound for the pressure lid. A silicone gasket ensures a tight seal. A vent releases steam if pressure builds too high, as does a valve that also locks the lid when any pressure whatsoever is inside the cooker. Cleanup is a bit involved. The pans, gasket, and lid require hand washing, and the gasket needs a light oiling. Normally, the valve is self-cleaning, but if food passes through it disassembly is required.

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