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Bodum 3-Cup Chambord French Press

  • 1923-16

The Chambord is Bodum’s original coffee press design, which the company began to mass produce in 1982 after acquiring a small factory in Normandy where craftspeople made these presses by hand. Bodum takes great care to instill the same quality in craftsmanship, and the result, according to coffee purists, is a brewing machine that produces a taste and aroma superior to any electric coffeemaker. The glass carafe on this Chambord model holds 3 cups of brewed coffee or tea. The chrome-plated brass frame and lid, and stainless-steel plunger are durable and will hold up to years of brewing. In 2004 the Bodum Chambord coffee press received the American Culinary Institute's award for best French press coffeemaker.

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