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Doughmakers 14x17" Cookie Sheet

  • 10051-9

Why Buy the Doughmakers Brand?

Quality - As with anything, higher quality is better. Doughmakers uses a premium, heavier guage of aluminum to make its products. Design - One look will show you the difference. We've strengthened the handle areas on all our bakeware. We've given our cake pan extra depth and straight sidewalls for professional results. We've rolled and beaded or coined the edges of our pans to prevent warping or twisting.

The Original Pebble Pattern

The unique textured surface on all Doughmkaers bakeware delivers many performance benefits, and it won't scrape off, because it isn't a coating. It's embossed right in. First, it allows air to flow under baked goods for better, more even browning. Next, it helps to give Doughmakers' bakeware non-stick characteristics without problematic coatings. Finally, it's great when you're greasing and flouring a cake pan, because it helps hold a bit of shortening that otherwise might be wiped off. Original Pebble Pattern texture prevents sticking while allowing air to circulate for even baking. Rolled edges prevent warping and bending. Deep, straight sides with sharp corners. Cleaning and Care Dishwasher safe. Hand washing recommended.

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