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Durgol Express Multiuse Decalcifier

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Durgol Express is a multi-purpose decalcifier for countless household items. Everywhere you heat up water, there will be calcium/lime build-up. It's just natural, but that doesn't mean you have to live with clogged coffee makers and stained tiles or clogged kitchen faucets, and shower heads.

Durgol Express is formulated to powerfully and effectively remove calcium/lime build-up and deposits.

Perhaps best known for use with coffee machines, it also restores the shine to ceramic surfaces and counter tops, shower heads and faucets are easily unclogged and remain free flowing, and steam irons, flower vases, pots and pans, irons, and humidifiers can all be rejuvenated with Durgol Express.

This versatile, multi-purpose cleaner safely and easily eliminates water marks on most washable surfaces. Simply wipe away stains on flat surfaces. For more stubborn build-up, allow item to soak.

Ready for use and simple to use: there is no need to dissolve in water (unlike powders and tablets). It's possibly the fastest and most thorough decalcifier in the world and works up to 10 times faster than other brands.

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