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HIC Mr.Crab Shrimp Zipper

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This handy little tool easily shells and deveins shrimp in one swift movement. We eat a lot of wonderful fresh shrimp here in Charleston and the zipper makes it simple to zip through pounds of them. Mr. Crab Zipper is useful for opening other types of shellfish as well. Highlights: * The crab zipper is a fast and simple tool that can open any type of shellfish. * Also great for shelling & deveining shrimp. * Mr. Crab Zipper opens all crustaceans - lobster, king crab, dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp, crawfish. * To use this item position the leg or claw shell inbetween the blades and move it with a rocking motion. * Made of a high impact plastic. * Dishwasher safe.

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